Want Smarter Kids?


Want Smarter Kids?

Kids smarter than you would have had?
I mean real life smarter kids?

OK.  Then grab a rocking chair or the cozy corner of
a large chair or sofa, grab a book and grab (gently) your baby.

If your “baby is already 6, GRAB them anyway …since it is never too late to start.
(Well, if they are heading up the church aisle to say “I do” it may be a bit too late)

Literacy skills begin to develop in your infant and that development continues for many years.

Any parent who is worth the name can make a difference in their child’s intelligence
AND in the quality of their adult life by simply taking the time to do 3 simple things:

  1. READ
  2. READ
  3. READ

to their child beginning in the first few weeks after birth and continuing until the child insists
they stop (which is usually around 12 years of age (sometimes older) if you will learn
how to be good at it.

It really is that simple.
Period. The End.


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