Stop Ignoring Your Kids


Animals acting human.

Man do I see this type of thing way too often. A mom or a dad ignoring the child while on the phone, and it’s seldom for just a few minutes. It is usually constant

Sometimes they’re playing a video game but mostly it’s texting on their phone while their child waits for
(and does without)  the attention they need. Very sad.

Of course, it seems that the people who do this also do it to their spouses, other family members and basically anyone who happens to have the misfortune to expect their attention, so thankfully it is usually more of a bad habit formed (hopefully) from a lack of knowledge than lack of love for their children or others.

However, deliberate or not, it is still damaging.

I wish people would understand that being constantly connected is not only rude and hurtful to others, but they also hurt themselves by either missing out on the moment OR by training others that they have NO boundaries
or self worth because they are willing to be at anyone’s “beck and call” day or night.

Don’t be the animal in the picture.


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