Feed Those Kids Properly


Want Smarter Kids? You’d think we all would, but
you’d never know it by what some kids eat.
You can’t have Smarter Kids without having Healthy Kids.

We ARE what we eat.. That is NOT a silly slogan, it is scientifically true

Children eat way too much processed foods and grain products and as a result,
now suffer from high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, insulin sensitivity, obesity, asthma, migraines, blah, blah blah blah

All of what used to be considered unhealthy “Adult” diseases and illnesses

So what’s a parent to do?

Well, Just STOP IT!!!



There is NO reason on God’s green earth why any child in America
needs to be fed an abundance of grains & processed foods. (read CARBS)

All it takes is some knowledge and a good dose of willingness
to plan ahead, and your child can be the nutritionally healthiest kid on the block
(and the happiest)

Parents, Your kids are NOT garbage disposals, so stop feeding them garbage.
Start feeding your kids REAL food- NOT grains & other processed crap.

Which basically means:

NO pancakes- the poor man’s way to fill his belly- just take flour and fry it.
No packaged cereals. NONE. ZIP NADA. EVER!
NO packaged yellow dust with macaroni- STOP that
NO canned pasta meals (spaghetti/ravioli/or any other thing like this
NO pre-wrapped FAKE cheese slices
NO PopTarts-Holy Moly, NO.
NO Cheese in a Can- seriously? You would do this?
NO packaged snacks. Snacks are seldom necessary if a child eats the right foods- they are usually too full.

Some kids are extra active and just get hungry more often.

If your child is one of these guys, and you KNOW they truly are eating the proper protein and fat amounts with less carbs during each meal, then you can add some snacks

A snack CAN be made of carbs, since it is usually a “hold me over til the next meal”
issue, and that is what carbs will do. You will be hungry within an hour or so of eating
them, because your body digests them too quickly (that is one of the reasons they
are so bad for you)

A snack should be something like an apple, some berries or other fruits.
Or a couple of celery sticks w/a bit of peanut butter or cream cheese.

NOT canned fruit unless rinsed off-to eliminate the sugar water.  And do not even
get me started on fruit cocktail… the can o sugar you eat with a spoon

Just remember. A snack is not a treat. Desserts and treats are NOT snacks.

Desserts and treats are exactly what they sound like. The are extras to be eaten after a meal or as a special (special means once in a while) treat.

Desserts & Treats are AWESOME and perfectly fine as long as they are
not eaten like meals and are NOT packaged crap.

It takes NO time each week to pop a home made- NOT boxed- cake in the oven
and throw some home made icing- with REAL butter- on it. Make some REAL
pudding. The kind with REAL cream, cocoa and sugar. Stir in some homemade
REAL whipped cream and make a decadent chocolate mouse. Oh MY!!!
and not even bad for you.

A lot healthier and tastes incredible….and life is always better with icing &
whipped cream on top.

Love Always,


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